About ME

Namaste Beautiful Souls!
My name is Rhonda CW, connection and yoga has literally transformed so many things in my life! At a very young age I began with adversities as many of us do, I was victim of child sexual abuse this experience now I can say it is a gift to let go of being the victim. From this place I created a space to learn how to feel my emotions and the importance of forgiveness so there is not this negative power over me.

In the past I would do everything to numb my emotions through TV and food even harming myself. Then a moment in Happy Jack’s yoga class I experienced a sense of release, which created a starting point for this yoga journey with Happy Jack Yoga. I started to peel of the layers through many hours of Yoga teacher training’s, Spiritual practices and enjoying the journey because it is always just the beginning.

I started to realize once I believed in me opportunities came my way like being a part of the Happy Jack Yoga Team. I have an amazing life I am Mom, Wife, RYT 500hr Yoga teacher/facilitator, Reiki Practitioner and a human on this earth empowering others to amplify their inner voice.

I am here to create safe environments for others to create the miracles within, Support others navigating through the shadows to see the light. Because this is a daily practice for me, surrender to what is already there instead of looking else where, it is all within you.

In spaces I create connection, empowerment for what you want create in your life. Together for all in the world to surrender to the power within.

It lights me up when I can be of service and give someone the empowerment they need.

Sending you love, light and to be free
Rhonda CW